Complete, June 2014
Experience gained:
Circuit Design
Arduino C + inline assembly

Rudimentary SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) robot, using an IR range finder on a swivel to navigate around a room as a school project (Grade 12).

The sensor had issues producing any sort of fine consistent values. Therefore the ranges were set as low, medium high for four 20° "windows". The robot then aligned itself in the direction with the highest readout (randomizing if there was multiple) and travelled this direction for one second.

The finished thing

Following an accident involving a weird looking power supply bus on a breadboard (seriously, why didn't it have markings!)This shorted out one of the drive motors days before the final demonstration. I ended up going with the prototype design (just the head of the robot) with a 7 segment display and used this as a proof of concept for the project

The head of the robot (used in final demo)